Your brace, your style

Who said wrist braces have to be boring? Say goodbye to drug store black and hello to colour and character.

With more than 60 different patterns to choose from, you can get a wrist brace that matches your personality or wardrobe. Pick something that makes you happy to look at, or that tells the world who you are. Coordinate with your favourite outfits or add a pop of colour to your business attire.

Buy one of our seasonal prints to have fun and show off your holiday spirit. Or celebrate your favourite holiday all year round. Who says you can’t enjoy Halloween in springtime, or Christmas in July?

Don’t see what you’re looking for in our existing fabric collection? We do special orders! Find exactly the print you want online and I’ll order it for you. Have a piece of fabric yourself that you’d like to use? Mail it to me and I’ll create your brace with it. Visit the FAQ page for more details and instructions.

Someone drawing while wearing a wrist brace
Comfort that fits your life

It can sometimes be a toss-up whether wrist pain or the ugly, uncomfortable brace to treat it is more of an inconvenience. (Although it is a good excuse to avoid doing the chores!)

With our wrist braces, you get support that fits your life. The soft construction makes them comfortable to wear all day if you need to, and the small amount of flex built into the design gives you the freedom to get on with everything you want (or need) to be doing. Plus they’re comfy and secure enough to sleep in at night. All this, while still giving your wrists the support they need to ease your pain.

Cleaning is easy, so even dirt and spills aren’t a worry. The sturdy internal splints don’t need to be removed and the materials used are all machine washable. Simply toss your wrist brace in with your regular laundry on cold to warm settings. Yes, they even tumble-dry! Seriously, what could be easier?

An assortment of sewing materials and supplies
Quality durable materials

All of our fabrics are high-quality textiles sourced from local sewing and quilting stores. We don’t use Walmart or discount fabrics, or any fabrics that we can’t be sure of the sourcing or composition.

The wrist brace exterior is cut from 100% cotton, high-quality woven quilting fabric. This is beautiful and soft fabric that will stand up to regular washes without fading or wearing out. It won’t pill or run.

The standard interior is 100% polyester, low-napped polar fleece (sometimes called microfleece for the small sized plush). This is cozy against the skin and provides soft padding against rubbing. The thumb hole is also lined with this material. If you have a polyester allergy, you can request a special custom order with 100% cotton knit for the interior and thumb, at a small additional charge.

The splints inside the brace are made with PLA (polylactic acid) plastic, which is a highly durable and strong material that will provide terrific support while standing up to the demands of your washing machine. These are individually custom printed by a local 3D-printing small business.

Someone securing a plaid wrist brace
Get the perfect fit

Get a wrist brace that fits your exact measurements. We have six standard sizes from XS to XXL, which will fit most people. Each brace is fully adjustable to fit your own arm just the way you like it.

Do your measurements not fit well into our standard sizes? Need one that is smaller or larger than these? Have one custom made to your exact specifications. Simply leave a buyer’s note with your order at checkout.

I can also usually accommodate special requests or modifications. Need more support? No problem. Extra velcro? Sure thing. Shorter, longer, more padding, special fabric? It can usually be done. Contact me for a feasibility and pricing estimate.

Have a question that isn't answered here?

Try checking our FAQ page. You’ll find answers about materials, sizing, adjustments, and customizations there, as well as information about processing times, shipping costs, special orders, return and exchange policies, and other stuff you might want to know.

Still don’t see the answer to your question? Email me or contact me by Etsy Messages and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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