Wholesale Terms & Conditions

By purchasing wholesale from Made By Seabrooke you are acknowledging that you have read and understand the following terms of the transaction and agree to abide by them.

Contact information: Made By Seabrooke is located near Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada. Correspondence is preferred by email at seabrooke@madebyseabrooke.com. I try to respond to all inquiries and messages within 24 hours, or 48 hours on weekends; however illness or other extenuating circumstances may result in unplanned delays to replies. If your communication is urgent, please include URGENT in the subject line to flag the message for my immediate attention.

Order quantity: There is a minimum order of 10 units required to receive the wholesale pricing. Orders must be placed in multiples of 5. There is no maximum quantity per order; however, larger orders will be subject to longer processing times. You will be provided an estimated timeframe for completion with your order confirmation, or you may inquire by email in advance to receive an estimate.

Wholesale discount percentages: The discount on suggested retail price provided to wholesale customers is calculated on a sliding scale. Orders of 10 units receive a 40% discount; orders of 15 units receive a 45% discount; and all orders of 20 units or more receive a 50% discount on the SRP.

Suggested retail price: I recommend a retail price of CAD$65 per brace. This is the price at which braces are sold in the Made By Seabrooke online store. However, you are welcome to set your retail price at whatever level fits with your business.

Payment: Payment is due at time of order. Orders placed through the Made By Seabrooke website can be paid with either PayPal or major credit cards / Visa Debit. Payment by cheque is also accepted. If you wish to pay by cheque, please contact me directly via email to place your order. Cheques will need to be provided up front, and the deposited payment must clear with the bank before work on your order will begin. The processing time for your order will be the same as indicated for web-purchased orders, and will begin once the payment has cleared. 

Sales tax: At this time, there is no Sales Tax charged on wholesale orders placed with Made By Seabrooke.

Receipts: PayPal will issue you a receipt for your purchase directly, by email. However, if you do not receive it, or if you need specific information on your receipt that PayPal does not provide, please contact me and I will email you a copy directly. If you paid for your order by cheque, I will issue you a receipt directly.

Sizing: Orders will by default be filled with the following size quantities:
  •  10 units – 1 X-small, 3 Small, 3 Medium, 2 Large, 1 X-Large
  •  15 units – 2 X-small, 4 Small, 4 Medium, 3 Large, 2 X-Large
  •  20 units – 3 X-small, 5 Small, 5 Medium, 4 Large, 3 X-Large
  •  25 units – 3 X-small, 5 Small, 5 Medium, 4 Large, 3 X-Large
If a different distribution of sizes is desired for your order, please contact me via email to indicate how many of which size you’d like. There are no minimum or maximum order requirements for any sizes.

Fabric selection: By default, orders will be filled with an assortment of prints in order to present a visually attractive display in your store or office and offer customers or clients an appealing range of options. With so many prints available, you will likely receive only one unit in any given print. The specific prints used will be selected based on current fabric stock and may vary from one order to the next. However, if there is a particular style you would like to receive or avoid receiving, please contact me via email with this information after placing your order.

Processing timeframes: The time required to process your order will depend on both the size of your order and how many other active orders are also being filled. Standard processing times are as follows: 10 units, 7-10 days; 15 units, 10-14 days; 20 units, 2-3 weeks; 25 units, 3 weeks; 30+ units, up to one month. However, some orders may ship sooner depending on current order volume and available ready-made stock.

Unit packaging: All wrist braces are packaged individually with sturdy paper belly bands. The packaging lists materials and care instructions on back. Size will be clearly marked on the front of the paper band. If the packaging on your stock has become damaged by customer handling, you may request replacements at CAD$0.25 per band plus $1 postage. Contact me by email to order these and arrange payment.

Delivery: If your business is in Smiths Falls, Perth, Carleton Place, Kemptville, Westport, or elsewhere within about 30 minutes of Smiths Falls, Ontario, I will deliver your completed order to your location in person. If you are located beyond this range, I will ship your order by Canada Post regular tracked mail. In both cases, delivery is CAD$35 and included in the total purchase price. In-person delivery to locations beyond the 30-minute range are possible if desired, for an additional fee.

Cancellations: Cancellations made within 48 hours of placing your order will receive a full refund. Cancellations made after 48 hours fall under the returns policy as work on your order has already been started; you will receive an 80% refund per unit on your original wholesale per-unit purchase price and a full refund of the delivery charge.

Returns: If you have unsold stock that you no longer want, you may return it to me to receive an 80% refund per unit on your original wholesale per-unit purchase price. Returned stock must be in its original condition. Damaged stock cannot be returned.

Damaged shipments: If you receive a delivery that has been damaged in transit, please contact me within 2 business days of delivery with a photo of the damaged parcel including the shipping label. I will initiate a claim with Canada Post for the insured value of the parcel. You will need to provide Canada Post with the documentation they request (including photos). I will replace your damaged order free of charge; while I will try to prioritize its completion, please allow 1-2 weeks for processing depending on the size of your order.

Samples: If you are located within my in-person delivery area (within about 30 minutes of Smiths Falls), I can bring you some samples to view. Please contact me by email to make arrangements. If you are located farther away, you may choose to order a ready-made wrist brace from the Made By Seabrooke Etsy shop. These are shipped next business day. If you then decide to place a wholesale order, that brace will count toward your bundle total and the list price you paid will be deducted from your amount due. If you choose not to place a wholesale order, you may return the sample brace for a full refund less shipping costs. You are responsible for the postage to return it to me. In both cases, please contact me to make arrangements to either place your order or make a return.

Liability: While these wrist braces have been purchased and worn by many customers who have reported high levels of satisfaction and comfort in their use, we recognize that some users may not find the same benefits. As such, Made By Seabrooke makes no specific claims or assertions as to the performance or health benefits provided by our wrist braces. As with most over-the-counter wrist braces and supports found in pharmacies and similar retail stores, these units are intended to be used as a supportive self-treatment option for mild to moderate wrist injury or discomfort, or under the guidance of a professional in an appropriate medical field. Made By Seabrooke and its associated personnel assume no responsibility for continued or worsening discomfort, wrist pain, swelling, or other symptoms. We encourage anyone experiencing prolonged wrist pain to be seen by their doctor or another appropriate medical professional.

Terms & conditions last updated September 2022

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