Brace construction and function

Our braces are designed to provide a gentle support that prevents significant movement of the wrist. This allows inflamed tissues to rest and heal, and typically reduces or eliminates movement-related pain. However, the wrist is not fully immobilized as it would be in a completely rigid brace or plaster cast. The fabric construction allows the hand a small amount of natural movement that so you can carry on with life as normal. The video on the Learn More page shows the full range of movement.

Yes! If you would like your brace with more support, an additional internal splint can be added by purchasing this listing. If you would like less support, one or more internal splints can be left out during creation – please leave a buyer’s note with your order requesting this.

The braces secure closed using hook & loop (velcro) strips that run the full length of the arm. The hook strip is 1 inch (2.5 cm) wide to provide a super secure and solid closure.

The loop side of the velcro closure is wider than the hook side so you have full control over how the brace fits your wrist. Each brace has a range of adjustment of up to 1 inch (2.5 cm) in circumference.

Our standard braces are made of three materials:

  • 100% cotton woven quilting fabric (exterior shell)
  • 100% polyester low-napped polar fleece (interior lining and thumb hole)
  • 100% polyester thread
  • PLA 3D-printed plastic (internal splints)

All materials used are high-quality and sourced from local small businesses.

If you prefer, you can have the lining made with 100% cotton knit instead; 100% cotton thread will also be used. Add this listing to your cart at checkout.

The fabric used in our braces is fairly breathable and so is cooler than a typical storebought brace. However, the lining is fleece and there are two layers of fabric in total, so some wearers in hot climates may find it a little warm. Opting for a cotton lining may help if warmth is a concern.

Absolutely! Our braces are of soft construction and so are comfortable enough to wear to bed. They can be helpful in preventing curled wrists and hyperextension during sleep at night.

Yes! Probably. 🙂 The flexibility built in to the design of the brace means that most people will feel comfortable engaging in their usual activities while wearing it. There may need to be a small amount of adjustment in hand and arm movement to compensate for the reduced wrist movement, but most activities should be possible.

Certain repetitive motions that put a lot of strain on the construction of the brace may result in it wearing out more quickly, particularly at pressure points such as the ends of the splints. If you anticipate doing a lot of this type of activity (eg. gardening) while wearing your brace, I can reinforce the materials and stitching.

A few wearers may find the braces to still be too restrictive for them to comfortably do things – but this would be true of all supportive braces. We are currently prototyping compression wraps that would provide fully flexible light support for people who find splinted braces too restrictive.

Technically, yes. 🙂 The brace will come to no harm from getting wet. But you may find it uncomfortable wearing a wet brace and prefer to protect the brace under a plastic or latex glove.

All of our braces are designed to be able to be worn and provide support on either hand.

Yes! The braces will provide good support for either hand. However, they can be optimized to left or right hand. If you know you will be wearing your brace primarily on one hand or the other, leave a buyer’s note at checkout indicating which side and I will orient the construction to that hand.

The splints currently used inside our braces are custom made by a local 3D-printing small business using PLA (polylactic acid), a type of plastic that is very strong and durable. We have also used hand-cut acrylic prior to working with this local supplier, which was also strong and durable but a lot more work to prepare! A few premade braces listed in the shop may have acrylic splints. There is no difference in performance between the two types.

The internal splints are not removable. They are designed to go through the laundry cycle with no damage or distortion, so there is no need to remove them. However, if you have a particular situation or use for your brace where you need to be able to remove them, I am happy to work with you to modify the design to allow you to do so.

The wrist braces are designed to go through the full laundry cycle without damage. However, we advise following these tips to maintain your brace in good condition:

  • Prior to washing, fold the velcro over on itself so it doesn’t stick to other clothing.
  • Wash on cold or warm settings. Tumble dry on low or medium heat. Very hot temperatures may soften the internal splints. 
  • The material may shrink a tiny bit on the first few washes; this is normal for cotton fabrics. It may result in some wrinkles at the seams.
  • Do not iron or microwave the brace; you don’t want to accidentally melt the splints.

Yes! As with washing, tumble-dry your brace on low or medium heat. Avoid high heat to prevent distortion of the plastic splints.

While these wrist braces have been purchased and worn by many customers who have reported high levels of satisfaction and comfort in their use, we recognize that some users may not find the same benefits. As such, Made By Seabrooke makes no specific claims or assertions as to the performance or health benefits provided by our wrist braces. As with most over-the-counter wrist braces and supports found in pharmacies and similar retail stores, these units are intended to be used as a supportive self-treatment option for mild to moderate wrist injury or discomfort, or under the guidance of a professional in an appropriate medical field. Made By Seabrooke and its associated personnel assume no responsibility for continued or worsening discomfort, wrist pain, swelling, or other symptoms. We encourage anyone experiencing prolonged wrist pain to be seen by their doctor or another appropriate medical professional.

Custom orders

Place an order for this listing. You can choose your size and preferred fabric from the drop-down menus there.  If you need special sizing or have a preference for which hand it’s for, include a buyer’s note. 

Brace measurements are taken in two spots: circumference around the palm, just above the webbing of the thumb; and circumference around the arm about 6 inches (15 cm) below the first measurement. Measurements should be taken flush to the skin but without squeezing. 

How to measure your arm for a wrist brace

All measurements here are circumference in inches. See previous question for locations to measure.

X-Small — Palm 6.75-8 — Arm 6.75-8 — 3 splints
Small — Palm 7.5-8.5 — Arm 7.5-8.5 — 3 splints
Medium — Palm 7.5-8.5 — Arm 8.5-9.5 — 3 splints
Large — Palm 8-9 — Arm 9.5-10.5 — 4 splints
X-Large — Palm 8.5-9.5 — Arm 10.5-11.5 — 4 splints
XX-Large — Palm 9-10 — Arm 11.5-12.5 — 4 splints

I can custom-make braces to fit any measurements! If your measurements don’t work with my standard sizing, choose “Custom” from the sizing drop-down menu and include your actual measurements in the buyer’s note.

Do your best to judge the arm size of the person who will be wearing the brace. You can measure your own arm and use that to give you an idea. The model in my shop photos wears a size Small/Medium, to give you a visual for that size.

If you can put your palm against theirs and see how much wider or narrower theirs is than yours, and then take your own measurements to give me, I can generally make a pretty good estimated guess of their brace size. I can also frequently estimate sizing from a photo of the intended wearer’s upper body and arms, though this may be less accurate.

Your giftee can always exchange the brace for the correct fit if necessary. See the section below titled “Exchanges and returns” for more info on how to do this.

Yep! If you have special requests or requirements for your wrist brace contact me to discuss feasibility. I can usually accommodate most customizations. There may be an additional charge depending on the nature of the customization; if so, I will let you know up front when discussing feasibility.

Yes! I can replace the lining with a cotton knit that is still soft and stretchy. There is a small additional cost for this as the cotton knit material costs more. Add the “Cotton knit lining” upgrade item to your cart with your custom wrist brace listing purchase.

Sure can! If there is a specific theme, print, or fabric you would like your wrist brace to be made with, I am happy to try to source this for you. Anything that can be purchased from my local fabric store will be obtained for you at no additional charge. If it’s not in my local store, please see the next question.

Generally speaking, yes! I am happy to special-order fabrics for you, with some restrictions: 

    1. You must pay for the cost of shipping the fabric to me. Ordering from a Canadian online shop or Etsy seller will nearly always be cheaper than ordering from a US/UK vendor. I can often source a Canadian vendor for a fabric you’ve seen online.
    2. If I am placing the order, you must cover half of the price of the fabric for a fat-quarter or half-yard cut. For minimum cuts greater than a half-yard (some online stores only let you order in 1 yard increments), you must cover 3/4 of the price.
    3. If the desired fabric is a sports team or other branded print, you must cover the full cost of the fabric plus shipping. I will ship to you with your brace any material leftover from making it.
    4. If I am placing the order, you must pay for the special-order fabric up front.

I will create a special custom listing in my Etsy shop for you to purchase that has the costs built in for the fabric and its shipping. This listing will have a longer processing time than my regular custom items in order to allow for delivery of your special-order fabric.

You also have the option to purchase the fabric yourself and mail it to me. See the next question if this is your preference.

Contact me if you’re interested in having a brace made with a particular fabric of your choice! Include the URL for the fabric you’d like to use if interested in something online.

I should be able to, yes! Woven fabrics work a lot better than knit or stretchy fabrics. Silk/satin can be tricky, too. Send me a photo and description of your fabric and I can let you know my thoughts on feasibility. You will need to mail your fabric to me. I’ll return any unused portion to you when I send you your brace.

If you have chosen a fabric shown in the custom order listing photos, I can generally complete and mail your brace in 1-3 days. If you have requested a special-order fabric, I will complete your brace 1-3 days after receiving your fabric. Depending on where your fabric is being sent from, it might take up to 2 weeks for me to receive.


Currently, for logistical reasons, my Etsy shop is set up to ship to Canada, United States and United Kingdom. However, if you live outside of these areas contact me to discuss purchasing directly via PayPal.

I am currently charging a flat rate of CA$10 for shipping to Canada, the US, and the UK. Shipping to other areas may be higher. If you live outside of these three countries and are interested in purchasing an item directly, please contact me and I can calculate exact shipping costs to your area.

I am located in Ontario, Canada. Shipping within Canada typically takes 2-5 days. Packages to the United States may take 5-10 days depending on how far you are from Ontario. Mail sent to the UK may take up to 2-3 weeks. Please allow a little extra time during busy shipping seasons (like Christmas) and around possible Covid delays.

If you happen to be in the Ottawa-Brockville-Kingston, Ontario, area I can arrange pickup or delivery, yes! Delivery is $5-$10 depending on where you live in this area. Purchase must be directly via PayPal due to Etsy shipping requirements. Email me if you would like to arrange this.

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is you’re not going to like the price! Depending on the destination, express, two-day (North America) and next-day (only to Ontario and Quebec) shipping can run anywhere from CA$30 to CA$100. But if you’re willing to pay for it, I’m willing to send it! Contact me to determine the cost to fast ship to your location and arrange your order. I will set up a custom listing for you with the correct shipping cost. Rush orders MUST be received by noon EST to go out in that day’s mail.

Yes! I’m happy to ship in unmarked packaging if desired. Please leave a buyer’s note with your purchase indicating this.

Sure can. Use the shipping address where you want the brace sent and include a buyer’s note indicating that the item is a gift for the recipient in the shipping address.

Exchanges and returns

I know it can be hard to judge fit for an item of clothing based just on a bunch of numbers, so I happily do exchanges. The brace must be unworn (it’s okay to have tried it on) and unwashed to be accepted back for exchange.

You must contact me within 3 days of receiving your item to let me know you wish to exchange it.

You will need to put the brace in the mail back to me within 7 days of receiving it. You are responsible for this postage expense.

Upon receiving your brace, I will ensure it’s in original condition. If it is, I will replace it for you free of charge.

However, I ask that you pay the shipping for the replacement (CA$10). You will need to purchase the Exchange Your Purchase item listing to cover this.

I will accept returns on unworn (it’s okay to have tried it on) and unwashed braces only.

You must contact me within 3 days of receiving your item to let me know you wish to return it.

You will need to put the brace in the mail back to me within 7 days of receiving it. You are responsible for this postage expense.

Upon receiving your brace, I will ensure it’s in original condition. If it is, I will refund your purchase price minus the original shipment cost.

If you are unsatisfied with your brace please contact me to see if it’s something I can help correct. If it’s not, and you do not wish to receive an exchange, I will refund the price of the brace in full. Shipping costs are non-refundable.

You must return the brace to me to get the refund.

I will accept returns on unworn (it’s okay to have tried it on) and unwashed braces only.

You must contact me within 3 days of receiving your item to let me know you wish to return it for a refund.

You will need to put the brace in the mail back to me within 7 days of receiving it. You are responsible for this postage expense.

Upon receiving your brace, I will ensure it’s in original condition. If it is, I will refund your purchase price minus the original shipment cost.

Let’s hope this doesn’t happen! But since it does on rare occasion, here’s what to do:

Do not try to repair the brace yourself; I need to be able to see the original damage. The brace must be unworn (it’s okay to have tried it on) and unwashed to be accepted back for exchange.

You must contact me within 3 days of receiving your item to let me know it was received damaged. You MUST include a photo of the damage with your message. Don’t forget to photo the packaging!

You will need to put the brace in the mail back to me within 7 days of receiving it. Include the original packaging with the brace. I will reimburse you for this expense if you use standard lettermail postage rates. If you want to send it tracked, you will need to cover the extra cost.

Upon receiving your brace, I will confirm the damage and replace it for you free of charge. I will cover the shipping cost of sending the new one. If you would prefer a refund, I can do this instead; please see my refund policy.

If the damage is very minor and you feel comfortable attempting to fix it yourself, I am happy to walk you through possible repairs.

I send all items by tracked shipping, so this is very unlikely to happen. But I will never say never!

If your expected delivery date has come and gone and the tracking information still says in transit, please allow one extra week just in case it got caught up in holiday or Covid delays.

If the tracking information says delivered, double-check that you gave me the right mailing address! The postal service is required to deliver to the address on the parcel. I use Etsy Shipping to generate my labels, which automatically takes the address you submitted. If the address was incorrect, try reaching out to the resident at that address to see if they received your parcel.

If one week past the delivery date the tracking information still says in transit and has not been updated in that time, please contact me to let me know. I will attempt to follow up with the post office on its whereabouts. This is not always successful, but does sometimes turn up misdirected packages.

If your brace is well and truly lost, I will replace and ship a new one for free.


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